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Pokročilé hledání

Zkouška 2AJ303 – 2AJ304

Exam coordinator: PhDr. Marie Auerspergová

The Structure of the Exam: an overview

The exam consists of five papers (Writing, Listening, Reading, Use of English and Speaking) in the Cambridge FCE formats. Some papers must be completed during the teaching period (usually in week 12 or 13),  others during the examination period.

I. Papers to be completed during the teaching period:

Writing (approx. 40 minutes)  – corresponds with FCE Writing Part 2 – Write an answer to one of the following questions. Write your answer in 120 – 180 words.

Listening (approx. 40 minutes) – 2 tasks corresponding with FCE Listening Part 2 (Listen and complete the sentences)  and Part 3 or 4 (Listen and match statements with speakers or Choose the best answer)


II. Papers to be completed during the exam period after registration for an exam date in ISIS):

Reading – (approx. 40 min)corresponding with FCE Reading Part 1(Read an article and choose the answers which fit best according to the text) and Part 2 (Read an article from which some sentences have been removed. Choose the sentences which fit each gap).

Use of English (approx. 30 min)- corresponding to FCE Use of English Part 1 (Choose the answers which best fit the gaps) or Part 2 (Think of the words which best fit the gaps) and Part 3 (From the words in capitals form words that fit the gaps) and Part 4 (Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given).

All the above mentioned papers together constitute the written exam. The maximum number of points that can be achieved on the written exam is 80 points. The minimum of 60 %, i.e. 48 points) is required to qualify for the oral exam. Students who have achieved between 50-59% (i.e. 40 – 47 points) on the written exam  can retake it (usually in week 6 of the exam period). It is necessary to retake all the four papers (Writing, Listening, Reading, Use of English).

III. Oral exam

Speaking (approx. 15 minutes). – consists of 4 parts corresponding with FCE Speaking Part 1, 2, 3 and 4. The format is one examiner and two candidates.

The candidates talk about themselves, about photographs and other visual materials given to them and interact with the other candidate.

Points: Maximum 20, minimum required 60%, i.e. 12


The overall grade is based on the total score gained in all five papers.

výborně (1) 90 – 100 b.  
velmi dobře (2) 75 – 89 b.  
dobře (3) 60 – 74 b.  
nevyhověl s možností opakování (4+) 50 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE
nevyhověl (4) 0 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE