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Zkouška 2AJ201-204 – textbook The Business

Tato závěrečná zkouška obsahuje látku kurzů:
2AJ201, 2AJ202, 2AJ203 a 2AJ204 vyučovaných podle učebnice The Business

Garant: Mgr. Halka Čapková, Ph.D.

I. Task to be fulfilled during the semester (10 points):

Written assignment (120-140 words) (10pts) – written in class during the semester (week 9)
e.g. writing a report, email, letter of complaint or other business correspondence.

II. Exam test (60 points)

1. LISTENING (10pts)
Students listen to two recorded texts (a monologue and a conversation) and answer questions.

a) 5x gap fill (5pts)

b) 5x multiple choice (5pts)

2. READING (10pts)
Students read a text (300 – 400 words) and complete the following tasks:

a) 5x T/F sentences (5pts)

b) find words in the text which refer to the following definitions (5pts)

An amount additional to what is needed or used:      surplus

3. 2x MULTIPLE GAP FILL (10pts)

The company …1… employees in many ways. For example:
– the hours they work, including options such as flexitime and telecommuting.
– the work …2…, including how employees interact, the degree of …3…, and whether it’s a fun or hostile environment.
– the dress code, including accepted styles of clothing and things such as …4… days.
– training and skills development available to employees.
– onsite …5…, such as break rooms, gyms, daycare facilities, etc.

1. affects, effects, is affecting, is effecting
2. environment, environmental, environmentalist, environmentally
3. competition, compete, competitors, competitive
4. casual, casualty, casually, casting
5. perks, fringe, perky, beneficial

4. 10x WORDFORMATION (10pts)

It was argued that they were the only… in the competition. PARTICIPATE


Grammar covered – conditional clauses, contrast clauses (although, in spite of, despite,…), time clauses, passive voice, wish clauses, modal verbs, gerund x infinitive, reported speech, structures like I´d better…, I´d rather…, it´time…, have sth. done, used to do x get used to doing, verbs with prepositions.

You have to offer better services. Then the sales will improve.
Unless …………………………………………

6. Open cloze: (10points)

Handwriting experts are paid to analyse the handwriting …1… the various people who are applying …2… jobs in the company. These handwriting experts are …3… as graphologists and they claim to be …4… to accurately make predictions about the personality and behaviour of any applicant if they have a large …5… sample of their handwriting.


III. Oral exam (30 points)
The oral part of the exam is taken by two (three if there is an odd number of students) students at the same time (they will be asked to cooperate) and there will be two teachers present.


Students are given a topic based on the textbook and have one minute to prepare a speech lasting approximately two minutes.

What is important when deciding on packaging for products?

2. SHORT TEXT  (10pts)

Students read the text, express the main idea in their own words and give their opinion on the topic.

Thirty years ago the bosses of America’s car industry were shocked to learn that Japan had overtaken America to become the world’s leading car producer. They were even more shocked when they visited Japan to find out what was going on. They found that the secret of Japan’s success did not lie in cheap labour or government subsidies but in what was rapidly dubbed “lean manufacturing”. While Detroit slept, Japan had transformed itself from a low-wage economy into a hotbed of business innovation. Soon every factory around the world was lean – or a ruin. The rich world is losing its leadership in the sort of breakthrough ideas that transform industries. Fortune 500 now has 98 R&D facilities in China and 63 in India. IBM employs more people in developing countries than in America. But it is also because emerging-market firms and consumers are both moving upmarket.


Students speak together about a business-related topic (3 minutes/5 minutes in case of 3 students).

Your company has decided to offer a 2-week work experience programme for a small group of business students.

You have been asked to help with the preparations for this programme.

Discuss the situation together and decide:

  • what kinds of work experience should be offered to the students
  • how the participants should be selected

Podmínkou připuštění k ústní zkoušce (oral exam)  je získání minimálně 60% z písemného testu (exam test).


výborně (1) 90 – 100 b.  
velmi dobře (2) 75 – 89 b.  
dobře (3) 60 – 74 b.  
nevyhověl s možností opakování (4+) 50 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE
nevyhověl (4) 0 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE