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Pokročilé hledání

Zkouška 2A311 – 312

Garant: PhDr. Pavlína Janáčková  

Textbook: In Company, Upper-Intermediate, Mark Powell

Maximum points: 100 Minimum points:   60

I. Tasks during the semester: (10 points)

1. Oral Presentation  (5 points) Students  choose a topic and then deliver a prepared speech lasting three minutes.

2. Writing  (5 points) Students write a short text based on the topic of their oral presentation, propose solution to a given problem, answer a question, etc. (200-300 words)


II. Exam Test : (50 points)

2AJ312     EXAM TEST          sample version (shortened)


1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms (10 entries – 10 points):

 Let me ..1..   (tell) you the story I ..2.. (tell) on the plane to Lisbon. I cannot guarantee it really  ..3.. (happen) but I cannot see why the guy ..4.. (lie) to me. ……………

 2.    Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the given expressions (meaning unchanged) (6 entries – 6 points):

  1. Calm down, please. We mustn´t panic, no matter what may happen.  Under no circumstances ……….
  2. They have billed me for services that hadn´t been provided. That´s why I´m making a formal  complaint.  If ………. 

 3.    Complete the following text using expressions in the box (4 entries – 4 points):  


otherwise       apart from       unless      by        in case       although       until       despite


..1.. I know your accountant is off, I have to remind you the budget must be completed ..2.. the end of next week. ..3.. we will be awarded the fine. ………..


4.   Complete the phrasal verbs using correct forms of verbs in the box (5 entries – 5 points): 


set        do         break         ring         put         be       stand       go          hang
  1.  Be tactful when negotiating and try not to …. off the conversation too abruptly.
  2. There was a lot of criticism in the press and, as a result, Mr. Clark may have to …. down as a chairman.


5.    Explain the situation expressed by the underlined idiomatic phrase (5 entries – 10 points):

  1. I´m sorry I can´t make a deeper analysis, but unfortunately I have to make tracks now.
  2. I regret to say Monica is not really helpful. She is in two minds about it.


6.  Complete the following text using expressions in the box (10 entries – 5 points):


socialize    over    at    chair    for    in favour    down    lose    of    pitch    by    hierarchical    with        network       from        hold      on        do       flatter        ditch


We should ..1.. an interdepartmental meeting every month: Heads of department will thus be able to ..2.. and be brought up to date ..3.. recent developments. ………

 7.    Explain the underlined expressions (5 entries – 10 points):

  1.  The final decision whether to make a bid will depend on the due diligence.
  2. We are getting seriously concerned about the backlog of orders.


III. Oral Exam:(40 points)

1. Case study.

2. Answer the questions related to one of the topics analysed in courses 2AJ311-312. 


Podmínkou připuštění k ústní zkoušce je získání minimálně 60 % bodů ze závěrečného písemného testu.

Klasifikace zkoušky

výborně (1) 90 – 100 b.  
velmi dobře (2) 75 – 89 b.  
dobře (3) 60 – 74 b.  
nevyhověl s možností opakování (4+) 50 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE
nevyhověl (4) 0 – 59 b. viz Studijní a zkušební řád VŠE