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Studying ENGLISH in KJ
As part of the framework of secondary specialisation of KoJ, subject 2AJ 501 is compulsory (6 credits).

Subject 2 AJ 501 – the thematic content is current world economic and political relations. Through an analysis of articles from important world periodicals such as The Economist, The Financial Times, Newsweek, The Guardian, Time and contemporary books, the students gain a deeper understanding of the international scene. At the language level, the course concentrates on language and formal tools, which are necessary for a precise and cultivated expression of opinions and thoughts and for taking stands in discussions. Students also learn presentation skills and the ability to express their thought and opinions in the written form. The course concentrates on the specialised terminology of studied areas and precise written and spoken expression when solving questions linked with these areas at a high level of language ability.

Written part SZZ KJ, in English:
1. Translation from English to Czech (approx 30 lines)
2. Translation from Czech to English (approx 30 lines)
3. Essay in English (1000 words minimum)

Note: Students may use a dictionary (also electronic)
Time allocated for the three written parts: 4 hours

Thematic areas in English for oral part SZZ KJ:
1. Current issues of British, U. S. and Czech politics.
2. European integration and its implications.
3. Environmental protection.
4. Conditions on the world economy.
5. Globalisation.
6. The role of government.
7. Corporate governance.
8. Management issues.

Book List: All readings will be abridged from chapters of the following books:
Chomsky N (1997), World Orders, Old and New, Pluto Press.
Chomsky N (2003), Hegemony or Survival, Penguin.
Davidson P (1994), Post Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory, Edward Elgar
Donaldson & Farquhar (1988), Understanding the British Economy, Pelican.
Friedman T (2000), The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Anchor Books.
Galbraith J K (1978), Almost Everybody’s Guide to Economics, Penguin.
Green E H H (2006), Thatcher, Hodder Arnold.
Green & Sutcliffe (1987), The Profit System, Penguin.
Kay J (2003), The Truth About Markets, Penguin.
Korten D (1999), The Post-Corporate World, Berrett Koehler.
Pressman S (2001), The Role of the State and the State Budget, in New Guide to Post Keynesian Economics (Holt & Pressman Edt.), Routledge.
Reynolds P (1987), Political Economy, Wheatsheaf.
Rowbotham M (2000), Goodbye America!, Jon Carpenter.
Shutt H (1998), The Trouble with Capitalism, Zed Books
Smith D (1987), The Rise and Fall of Monetarism, Penguin.
Stiglitz J (2002), Globalization and its Discontents, Penguin.
Stiglitz J (2003), The Roaring Nineties, Penguin.
Et al.