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Department of English

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The head of the department: Mgr. Alena Češková
The deputy heads of the department:
PhDr. Martina Kusinová
Mgr. Halka Čapková, Ph.D.

The Department of English was established in 1990 after the division of the former Department of non-Slavonic Languages into the Departments of English, German, Russian and Romance Languages. It is the largest department at the University of Economics, Prague and one of the largest language departments in the Czech Republic. It accounts roughly for 45 percent of language teaching at our University. At present thirty Czech teachers of English and nine teachers from Great Britain, the Irish Republic and the USA work at the English Department.

Students who successfully passed entrance examinations in English study in the ECTS program economic English. The courses cover key topics in the sphere of micro and macro economics. They have been designed in such a way that students may develop actively their knowledge of the language, i.e. the ability to read economic texts, understand a lecture in English and discuss general economic issues.

After some semesters (according to students´ choice) students sit for a compulsory exam in English held after the subject 2AJ212. This examination concentrates on economic English and tests understanding of spoken language and the knowledge of both oral and written forms of English.

Besides obligatory courses the department offers a number of optional courses.

In March, 2010 the English Department became an authorised examination centre for all types of Cambridge exams.

Cambridge English Česká republika.

Outstanding students can choose the minor specialisations of the English Department 2KJ Commercial Languages.
Within this minor specialization the English department offers the following subjects 2AJ501 Komerční angličtina  2AJ509 Academic writing  2AJ502 British Civilization  and 2AJ503 American Civilization.

All the credits are ECTS credits.